Carson City Supervisor Ward 3 Candidate Curtis Horton is seeking feedback from fellow Carsonites on City matters that impact them. This upcoming election, residents are tasked with voting for the most qualified candidate that has the greatest potential to positively impact the community. “You’re voting for someone who will be part of the Board of Supervisors, they will have the ability to impact the lives of thousands – they should instill the hometown values and be motivated by those who call this place home” said Horton.


While Horton has over 35 years of experience in City operations, his motivations are driven by the insights of his friends and neighbors – that’s you. You can complete the above quick survey to help Horton collect the insights on City specific matters or you can email Curtis Horton at

No matter the department involved, Horton demonstrates the ability to exercise tact, discretion, and will respond to actionable items with an objective perspective. Regardless of his personal beliefs, Horton promises to always act in the best interests of the community.